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  • Yokogawa's Performance Management System

    Yokogawa’s global performance management system was implemented in fiscal year 2021 (FY21). It was uniquely designed for Yokogawa and the system strives to empower managers and engage employees. The performance management system is one of the key drivers of business transformation.

    OKRs or the Goal Management System allows us to share key organizational goals across all employees to ensure full commitment towards achieving the shared common goals. The 1on1 Feedback system or CPM gives us the platform to hold frequent communication and feedback to improve performance.

    And finally, we have the Evaluation System itself which is an integral part of the integrated performance management system. The evaluation system recognizes challenges, collaborative efforts and contributions to deliver the result. The evaluation system also has self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools which allows us to capture feedback from others and also assess our own performance and behavior throughout the fiscal year in an objective manner.