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Industrial Cloud Applications and Solutions  

Yokogawa Cloud is a digital innovation platform that accelerates the development and deployment of industrial cloud applications. Yokogawa engineers platform applications and solutions on behalf of customers.

The platform supports the ingestion, processing, and curation of data from various sources, provides industry-specific algorithms and models, and integrates across applications to support insightful decision-making and advanced levels of automation and autonomy.

make dx simpler

Make digital transformation simpler.  Spin up apps and solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

open, interoperable, and secure

Open, interoperable, and secure.  It is open, interoperable, and secure. It has an extensible library of OT and IT standards-based connectors.

reduce complexity with SaaS

Reduce the complexity of managing technology. Yokogawa develops and configures industrial applications and solutions supported with managed services. 



A New Digital Fabric

As companies evolve toward industrial autonomy and smart manufacturing, a new framework or architecture is needed that connects operational and industrial systems to the company's enterprise and IT ecosystem.  Yokogawa Cloud provides this essential foundation with support for out-of-the-box integration, digitalization, and the rapid achievement of advanced levels of industrial autonomy.

With Yokogawa Cloud, you can build on existing infrastructure while also developing new applications

Yokogawa Cloud - Platform middleware

Scale and Transform at Your Own Pace

Yokogawa offers robust digital transformation services that outpace the speed of disruption. Let us shape your unique digital journey together. 

engineered solutionsEngineered Solutions

Discover, design, and develop fit-for-purpose engineered solutions with rapid deployment at scheduled increments. You can choose to scale and transform on your own schedule and at your own pace.

pre-built applicationsPre-built Applications

Benefit from Yokogawa's industry-proven domain knowledge and industry best practices with a growing number of pre-built applications.

DX servicesDigital Transformation Services

Let Yokogawa help you strategize opportunities for work process optimization, integration and technology orchestration.

Seek Improvements in People, Processes, and Technologies.

The Yokogawa Cloud services are exclusive to Yokogawa applications and solutions. Each of them are built to solve specific business problems.

Application categories on Yokogawa Cloud

ISO 27001

Why Yokogawa Cloud


purpose builtPurpose-built

A platform that is tailored to OT by design, Yokogawa Cloud is built to power applications that work from day one.

dx infrastructureInfrastructure Agnostic

Extensible, built for the cloud, and deployable on your choice of infrastructure.

AI/MLEngineering Analytics and AI/ML

It has analytics and data visualization capabilities. Data can be reused by other applications, eliminating data duplication throughout the lifecycle.


Bundled Security 

The platform is based on zero trust policies with multi-layered security protocols, regular penetration tests, web application firewalls, IP white-listing, X.509 certificate based data connections, and API keys.

marketplaceApplication Enablement

Securely and rapidly integrate data, deploy and access applications from a centralized repository.

cloud connectivityOpen Plant-wide Connectivity

Supports more than 40 industrial protocols at the edge and connections to plant historians, DCS, PLC, SCADA etc.


Integration support for:


industrial protocols

40+ Industrial Protocols

ot system connectivity

A wide range of OT Systems

Value Chain

Various Enterprise IT Systems



Yokogawa Cloud will:


Speed up the process

Speed Up the DX Process

Eliminate time to for installation and configuration to deploy solutions and applications faster and start reaping the benefits of SaaS and DX more quickly


Reduce Technology Costs

Replace legacy systems with enterprise SaaS products that have subscription-based pricing models. 

return on investment

Capitalize on Your Investment

Get value straight away and pay a fair and manageable amount that equates to the value you obtain from the platform.


Use Case Examples


Asset Health Monitoring for Polyester Processing

For one of the world’s leading petrochemical producers, Yokogawa Cloud consolidates data from 600+ vibration sensors at multiple sites and turns it into smart decisions using AI. The Asset Health solution enables smart and fast decision making, leading to a reduction in operating costs. 

Asset Health Monitoring for Polyester Processing

Predictive Pump Maintenance

For a global oil company, Yokogawa Cloud powers an asset monitoring solution, consolidating data from multiple sites and turning it into smart decisions using AI. The system allows users to accurately detect pump cavitation in its early stages before it can cause damage to equipment. In addition to staving off degradation and damage to equipment, it allows for proper maintenance of equipment tailored to its actual conditions, thereby decreasing maintenance costs and improving operational efficiency.

Predictive Pump Maintenance

Compressor Vibration Monitoring

For a petrochemical manufacturer, Yokogawa limited the amount of human intervention and lowered the recurrent costs of the patrol rounds. With approx. 800 rotating assets which are manually monitored by a service provider via patrol rounds on a monthly basis, Yokogawa automated the monitoring of the rotating assets step by step, by means of an Industry 4.0 solution, comprising of smart IIoT sensors & analytics. An engineered solution powered by Yokogawa Cloud was provided to detect vibration anomalies in an early stage.

Compressor Vibration Monitoring

Security Monitoring

An IoT security operation center (SOC) service for safe on-premise to cloud security. It collects all of your IT/IoT infra events and security log, including, automatic alert notifications and  a security analysis that can detect suspicious communication and events by machine learning jobs, Python scripts, Watcher, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. 

Security Monitoring

Water Utility Data Analytics

For a Southeast Asian wastewater plant, Yokogawa Cloud combines the power of automation and remote sensing technology with advanced metering and data analytics to return actionable system intelligence resulting in quality stabilization and yield improvement.

Water Utility Data Analytics

Facility Energy Management Services

For a large European steel manufacturer, Yokogawa Cloud enables real-time monitoring and analysis of buildings and facilities. The client worked with decentralized energy solution platforms that caused data fragmentation that made it difficult to collect or analyze data.  Yokogawa Cloud integrates a range of devices (sensors, meters, controllers, Building Management Systems), and services to provide  insights that optimized energy consumption in manufacturing and production facilities. 

Facility Energy Management Services




This white paper provides an overview of how Yokogawa believes its customers can best prepare for and position themselves to benefit from IIoT-enabled technology and solutions and digitalization in general to emerge as the successful connected industrial enterprises of the future.


The industrial world is changing, and it is driven by the application of digital technologies and the power of information to an organization’s people, processes, assets, and systems to achieve a step-change in business performance. We call it a digital transformation (DX). Fundamentally, this transformation is about deriving value from digital data from various sources and assets along with algorithms to make insightful and well-informed decisions. But in the complex world of manufacturing, data doesn’t gets translated into value easily. In fact, most organizations struggle with it and even collect more data than they can analyze, and so they leave much of it untouched. Until we start thinking about better data integration and using advanced big data analytics tools to process (unused) data, it will be difficult to extract maximum value from it. In this whitepaper we will examine the role of (big) data and data analytics in the reformative processes of digital transformation (DX).


Yokogawa Technical Report
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Digital transformation is the novel use of digital technology to accelerate your company's business strategy.

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