FlowCam Nano

FlowCam Nano is the next-generation dynamic image analysis instrument for submicron particle imaging and sizing in real-time. FlowCam Nano extends subvisible particle analysis to detect objects between 300 nanometers and 2 micrometers - the smallest visible with light microscopy.

Use FlowCam Nano for early detection of aggregates and contaminant monitoring for protein formulations, nano-drug delivery systems, characterization of bacteria, bioprocess monitoring, and materials characterization.

Existing customers, please contact FlowCam Customer Care for technical support issues and questions.

FlowCam Nano Benefits:

  • Highest-quality images to detect and identify submicron particle types to inform product development and monitor product quality
  • Obtain size, morphology, and relative concentrations of particles in the 300 nm to 2 µm size range that are too small to be detected by traditional Flow Imaging Microscopy
  • Early detection of API aggregation and other forms of sample degradation that are prone to generating larger subvisible and visible particles
  • Integrated, industry-leading VisualSpreadsheet® software with the unique ability to image, classify, and characterize nanoparticles in real-time
  • Quickly and consistently perform instrument setup and data collection with the easy-to-use interface and autofocus technology


  • Particle size range: 300 nm to 2 µm
  • Magnification: 40X
  • Flow cell: 60 µm depth
  • Sample processing capability: 20 µL/min
  • Minimum sample volume: 50 µL
  • Camera: High resolution (1440 x 1080 pixels) CMOS sensor, monochrome
  • Frame rate: up to 130 frames per second
  • VisualSpreadsheet 5 Software

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc., manufactures industry-leading particle analysis instrumentation based on digital imaging technology. Our flagship product, FlowCam®, is the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. With applications in marine & freshwater research, biopharmaceutical research & development, municipal water, industrial manufacturing, and many other markets, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies leads the way in imaging particle analysis.



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YOKOGAWA will contribute to technology evolution particularly in measurement and analytical tools to help build a world where researchers will increasingly focus on insightful interpretation of data, and advancing Life Science to benefit humanity.

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