OpreX IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC)

IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC)

Managed IT/OT cybersecurity services for threat detection and remediation.


Transform Your CyberSecurity Risk Management 

With more connectivity comes greater risk. As the adoption of industrial automation and IoT grows in your organization so does your cyber attack surface area.

Yokogawa OpreX™ IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC) helps you manage and secure your operational technologies alongside your IT—for greater control over your devices, networks, and users. 


“by 2025, 75% of security solutions will be delivered via multifunction platforms interoperable with IT security solutions”

More Than Your Average SOC

Built specifically for industrial environments, Yokogawa OpreX™ IT/OT SOC uses predicative AI and machine learning technology to help you get ahead of the risks - protecting your security perimeter, investigating alerts, analyzing scenarios, and proactively mitigating risks - through intelligent cyber threat detection capabilities. 


Millions of events and log data captured daily



Worldwide and Regional SOC Offices for Best SLA



Real-time 24-hour Monitoring with 24/7 Support

Solving Your Top Security Challenges

Yokogawa OpreX™ IT/OT SOC solves your most common security challenges:

  • Recommendation and action against recent unknown cyber threats
  • Strengthen  physical and digital security 
  • Ensure proper network segmentation between IT and OT environments
  • Quickly identify threats caused by outdated or unpatched software or operating systems
  • Digital SOC Playbook for better risk detection and customized response workflow processes
  • Develop secure configuration management and methodologies with training and awareness programs
  • Analyze ICS-specific threats and defend the industrial control systems while prioritizing the safety and reliability of operations 

Build Greater Operational Resilience with a Centralized SOC-as-a-Service

The autonomous, self-contained, and often proprietary OT systems—systems your business relies on for value and revenue generation—are often overlooked in traditional SOCs.

Yokogawa IT/OT SOC provides a thorough, proactive model, integrating IT and OT security centers for a singular, real-time view of your security posture. It operates as a centralized managed service to monitor and protect the availability and integrity of these business-critical systems for a fault-free operation.


Detection of unknown threats through ML and AI-based SIEM

Abnormal activities and sophisticated attacks are quickly flagged and resolved. 


Automated workflows for a faster response

Tasks are coordinated, executed, and automated to minimize human error for a rapid resolution.


Always-on protection

Log and event information is constantly collected and examined using cyber threat intelligence to detect suspicious activity in real-time.


Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Easily integrate the Yokogawa SOC with existing security and data management systems.

Welcome to a New Level of Security Control 

With powerful AI and machine learning, Yokogawa IT/OT SOC presents complex security data from across the organization in one easy-to-use, configurable platform. 

The customizable dashboard is designed and deployed to the customer’s operational requirements and integrates with key technology components through an open architecture:

  • ML and AI-Based SIEM 
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) suite
  • Detection Program
  • Incident Management 



Capture all IT/OT events and logs


Built-in use cases and workflows


Incident reporting (tickets, SLA)



Product dashboards (firewalls, threat detection engine, events)


Monitoring (end points, networks, servers, mail)


24/7 support by Yokogawa security experts


Our Security Commitment

Yokogawa is committed to delivering security and safety excellence to our customers. Our engineers are always trained to meet the highest Global Security Standards.



Ready to Build a More Resilient Business?

Leveraging over 100 years of deep OT domain experience, Yokogawa is a leading technology provider of industrial innovation including security, automation, testing, and measurement. 




IT/OT SOC start-up service

Yokogawa selects monitoring logs and event information based on your cybersecurity
risks, offering security risk mitigation measures and various log collection methods, with a flexible
approach to meet your needs.

IT/OT Security Monitoring Service

Receive security incident notifications from device logs, opt for real-time incident reports, and get
support and advice in regular meetings for risk mitigation and prevention.

Incident Response Training

Benefit from security playbooks and SOPs for incident response and risk mitigation.

Assessment Service (new)

Yokogawa security analysts specialize in evaluating vulnerabilities, conducting Penetration Tests,
simulating cybersecurity attacks, and offering security recommendations.

Forensic Service (new)

Yokogawa security analysts investigate security incidents, propose containment measures, and
perform computer and network forensics.




"We are happy that Yokogawa's IT/OT SOC Service is using our Elastic Cloud services which will provide powerful support to Yokogawa's customers in addressing difficult security risks. We look forward to working with Yokogawa as a trusted global business partner to build a strong security and expand our business together."

--Michael Cremen, Chief Sales Officer, Elastic


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  • Detection of unknown threats through ML and AI-based SIEM
  • Automated workflows for a faster response
  • Always-on protection
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure


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Yokogawa OpreX™ IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC) helps you manage and secure your operational technologies alongside your IT—for greater control over your devices, networks, and users. 


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