Yokogawa System Upgrade

Is Production throughput an Operator overload an issue?  Are network Security Risks going up? Cost of maintenance going up? Call outs more frequent?  Modernize to CENTUM VP and take back control of your control system.  Generate the maximum return with the minimum investment and ensure that your business remains competitive.  Migrate to Yokogawa's latest plant control system from a legacy CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL, μXL, CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 3000, or CENTUM CS 1000 DCS.

Modernize Without Touching a Single Wire

Move up to Yokogawa's world class CENTUM VP, in many cases without having to touch a single field wire! Our proven solution is low cost, low risk and puts you back in control of your maintenance costs and your control system.

The Yokogawa Upgrade Solution

Simple, Cost Effective

  • Mix Multiple Releases - Our upgrade path allows for multiple versions to exist as part of the same system for indefinite period of time.
  • Simply implemented  - A onetime project, not different projects spread over many years with unknown costs and results.
  • Eliminate Gateway issues - No gateways, bottlenecks or constraints.

Reduced Risk

  • Reliable Database Conversion - Database conversion tools for maintaining intellectual property.
  • Hardware Kits - Reuse of existing wiring and cabinets.

Peace of Mind with Progressive Lifecycle Compatibility

  • 7 Sigma (yes, “7”) - The seven 9's reliability of the CENTUM VP system.
  • Latest Technology - The latest technologies, from PCs, networks and controllers to asset management toolsets.
  • We Bring You Forward – we support the first DCS controller we ever made in our current modern system.
  • Quick and Easy - Some major platform migrations can be done is minutes instead of weeks or months.


Technical Capability

Our technical capabilities can make all the difference in helping you achieve a smooth migration process. We perform a smooth migration to minimize plant downtime and raise your operation rate, support the continued use of your valued application assets, achieve seamless connections to higher level systems and subsystems, and provide a virtual environment for operator training.


Connections to higher-level systems and subsystems are an important consideration in the distributed control system (DCS) migration process. The CENTUM VP supports a variety of interfaces (e.g. OPC, PROFIBUS-DP, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, HART) in its standard configuration. With proprietary interfaces and interfaces that are no longer standard (e.g. GP-IB and BSC), junction/conversion equipment is required. Yokogawa works with you to provide an optimal system configuration and integration service, taking your system migration requirements and interface standardization trends into full consideration.

Connections to higher-level systems and subsystems

Connections to higher-level systems and subsystems

Operator Training

It is desirable for operators to get used to operating the new system before the system migration. CENTUM VP provides an advanced virtual test function for that purpose. This not only makes it possible to virtually operate the system via an HMI, it also tests the control logic before the new system begins to operate. The quality of user-defined applications/logic can also be improved with this function. For instance, the logic for an abnormal situation can be tested easily using the virtual test function.

Engineering Capability

Engineering CapabilitiesYokogawa has experience in more than 340 third party system migration projects. Yokogawa can serve as the main contractor, providing a turnkey legacy system migration solution.

Requirements of migration projects

  • Time-critical
  • Minimize plant downtime while maintaining safety
  • Miniminize reinvestment in plant assets

Yokogawa's approach

Up-front Risk Management

To ensure accuracy, the I/O list generated from the loop drawings is cross-checked with the following:

  • P&ID
  • Marshalling drawings
  • Database downloaded from the existing DCS system
  • Junction box drawings 
  • Cable schedule

A strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect is essential for dealing with any critical issues that are identified. The identification activities are carried out before/during/after the shutdown period. Critical cutover tasks are prepared, approved, and carried out together with the customer.

Hot Cutover / Cold Cutover

Yokogawa can effectively handle both hot and cold cutovers. For instance, a legacy system migration project including a central control room (CCR) renovation for a customer in the Middle East was accomplished in just 9 days. Originally 14 days had been scheduled for the shutdown. In addition to the 5 days that were saved through well-managed cutover work, 3 days were saved during the plant start-up phase. The completion of this project 8 days sooner than scheduled saved the customer US $6.7 million.

Conversion Tool for Legacy System Engineering Data

Software engineering information (e.g. tag numbers, units, ranges, comments, control schemes, alarm settings, tuning parameters, etc.) can be downloaded from an existing DCS system. The downloaded information can be then fed to the CENTUM VP using a conversion tool, saving considerable time and ensuring a reliable result.

Migration Engineering Workflow

Migration engineering workflow through V-shaped model

Cost-effective Upgrade

Yokogawa has developed the necessary upgrade solutions so that your legacy Centum controllers and process interface units can be replaced with the newest CENTUM VP I/O and controllers, utilizing upgrade cards and adapter cables that connect to the existing terminal panels of your legacy system. No cabinets need to be rewired in the field, dramatically reducing process downtime. In fact, because of the compact design and the high density of the CENTUM VP I/O cards and controllers, fewer cabinets are required and space is freed up for other uses. We recognize that upgrading the controller and field hardware is only part of the risk management story.  User applications and operator graphics constitutes a major part of work that can be very time-consuming.  With most releases, the translation of control strategies and operator graphics happens automatically with 100% translation. Reports are generated to identify potential problem areas that need manual intervention or review.  This allows for significant risk reduction for your upgrade project.
Yokogawa ensures an efficient and secure upgrade of your legacy system to the CENTUM VP, leveraging its field-proven engineering capabilities.
Yokogawa has supplied these solutions to customers around the world. They are delighted with their new CENTUM VP systems and are benefiting from increased reliability, lower Total Cost of Ownership, and lower operating risk.

Cumulative cash flow for master plan
Cumulative cash flow for master plan

Basically, system migration should be regarded separately from ROI because it is a part of equipment maintenance. Our customers are now more focused on ensuring long-term survival by investing to increase productivity and seeking to minimize production losses. Similarly, customers are looking everywhere for ways to improve profits, even in system upgrade projects. Yokogawa believes that a system upgrade can be a very effective step forward in modernizing your plant, and offers a value-added system migration service to make this a reality.

The value-added upgrade process consists of the following phases: 

  • Feasibility study that analyzes the gap between targeted and actual results, identifies bottlenecks, proposes practical countermeasures, and estimates the resulting improvement in profits 
  • Implementation of system upgrade countermeasures 

Yokogawa's experienced specialists are involved in all phases of this process.

Study area / item Analysis Benefit
Innovative production system MP
  • Production management center
  • Integrated advanced control system 
  • High efficiency operation
  • Yield improvement
  • Loss recovery
  • Energy saving
  • Manpower reduction
Refinery modernization MP
  • DCS
  • Field instruments
  • APC
  • Consolidation of control rooms 
  • Refinery information system
  • Yield improvement
  • Loss recovery
  • Energy saving
  • Manpower reduction
Offsite modernization FS
  • DCS
  • Oil movement system
  • Optimum blending control
  • Automatic path selection and valve status monitoring system
  • Demurrage reduction
  • Contamination reduction
  • Reloading loss reduction
  • Manpower reduction
Operation improvement FS
  • Alarm/manipulation
  • Operator workload
  • Automation level
  • Manpower reduction
  • Further safety operation
Advanced process control (APC) FS
  • Multi-variable control
  • Quality estimation
  • Benefit/investment analysis
  • Yield improvement
  • Energy saving
  • Throughput up

Feasibility study (FS)/master plan (MP) for refining industry

Case Study - Yokogawa

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation, USA
Smurfit-Stone Container
Corporation, USA

To generate the maximum return with a minimum of investment and ensure that customers remain competitive, Yokogawa is providing solutions for the migration of legacy CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL and μXL DCS systems to new production control systems that employ the latest technologies.

Success Stories

Panama City Mill
Control System Upgrade

  • Smooth conversion of existing controls solely by customer
  • Lowered cost of ownership 

General specification documents below are available at Yokogawa Plus. Please register to access these documents.

General Specifications:
CENTUM V and CENTUM-XL Migration to CENTUM CS 3000 GS 33Q06W30-31E
Migrating to CENTUM CS 3000 from CENTUM V or CENTUM-XL Operator Station GS 33Q06Z81-31E
Migrating to CENTUM CS 3000 from mXL Operator Station GS 33Q06Z82-31E
μXL Operator Station Migration Kit for CENTUM CS 3000 Entry Class GS 33Q06Z83-31E

Phased Migration for the CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL

Phased migration for the CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL is a three-step upgrade method on a component basis, which reduces the required investment and manpower, and shortens the upgrade period.

Step 1: Upgrading of HMI

Upgrading of HMI brings in the latest HMI environment and network capability, surely one of the most important issues. 

Upgrading of HMI

Step 2: Upgrading of CPU of FCS

By utilizing the existing field wiring and I/O cards, the latest control functions are provided, while greatly improving performance and application capacity. 

Upgrading of CPU of FCS

Step3 : Upgrading of I/Os

Using existing field wiring, the latest I/Os are provided with full compatibility of functions, interface and cabinet layout. 

Upgrading of I/Os

Phased Migration for the μXL

Phased migration for the μXL is a two-step upgrade method on a component basis, which reduces the required investment and manpower, and shortens the upgrade period.

Step1 : Upgrading of HMI

Upgrading of HMI brings in the latest HMI environment and network capability, surely one of the most important issues. 

Upgrading of HMI

Step2 : Upgrading of the control units

Using existing field wiring, the latest I/Os are provided with full compatibility of functions, interface and cabinet layout. 

Upgrading of the control units



October 2008

The 2008 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Company of the Year Award for Distributed Control System (DCS) market is presented to Yokogawa. Yokogawa is the market leader with a dominant market share in the Asia Pacific market. 

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