Product Training

Product Training

Classroom training emphasizes on product knowledge, skills acquisition and upgrading to ensure that the human asset is able to cope with Life Cycle changes in a plant environment.

Customer Challenge

The challenge is to provide a continuously reviewed learning curriculum including application of effective learning methodologies to ensure knowledge and skills retention.

Yokogawa trainers have the relevant industry experience to facilitate classroom learning, implement a variety of teaching techniques and stimulate discussion.  
Knowledge and skill retention is the primary focus in all the Training Centers of Yokogawa.

Customer Challenge
Lifecycle Training Solutions

Our Solutions

The ‘Life Cycle Training Solutions’ focuses on managing knowledge and skills to fuel organizational growth through the appreciable asset – People.

Life Cycle training takes place in hierarchical learning steps from Entry to Expert knowledge and skills.
Students progresses from Entry levels in self-paced e-learning for various types of plant processes under the Oil and Gas Portfolio as well as Safety training as a foundational skill.    
As part of the life cycle skills progression, the student journey through the instructor led classroom training on Yokogawa Systems which ranges from CENTUM VP, PROSAFE, Cyber Security and Leadership Development program which customize knowledge sharing strategies with best practices in a neatly roll out knowledge-retention and managed strategies.
At the higher end, if the plant has an OTS, the trainee can perform advanced training with complex procedures and emergency Standard Operational Procedures.

Employing these strategies will accelerate learning and reduce the overall time and costs to develop a fully competent workforce.
The learning approach in both experiential and reflective learning are continuously reviewed and aligned in a global standardized approach to ensure its learning value.

Customer Benefits

Trainers widely use facilitation methodologies for cross sharing to enhance classroom learning.  At the same time, it is our goal in delivering effective project customized courses for customers using their plant specific database.

Understanding the various adult learning styles, Yokogawa provides a comprehensive range of standard and customized courses to meet all training needs and programs, empowering employee's skills as plant managers, operators, engineers, specialists and maintenance personnel.   Yokogawa Training Centers continuously work on enhancement of classroom training through the introduction of product basis self-paced e-learning such as the CENTUM VP Virtual Operator Trainer to enable skill retention and track learning journey through (LMS) Learning Management System.

Customer Benefits
Enabling Technology

Enabling Technology

All training centers are equipped with the latest training equipment and products.

Training needs analysis ensures that training sessions conducted are in lined with customers' existing plant systems especially green field projects.


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