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Yokogawa helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Organizational goals, and business objectives of customers by working together through initiatives such as autonomous operations, smart manufacturing/digital transformation (DX), reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Yokogawa who brings a deep, broad experience in process automation, technology consulting and support services is co-creating new values with customers as a unique and trusted partner throughout the DX journey by utilizing cutting-edge IT-OT technologies, applying domain knowledge cultivated over decades and delivering co-created value.


Sustainable Digital Transformation


Customer Challenges

DX is gaining momentum across different industries. However, most of them are struggling to achieve and sustain desired benefits out of DX. Poor results are caused due to lack of strategy and detail roadmap. Typical challenges faced by customers are-

  • Which digital initiatives will be suitable for us?
  • From where to start digitalization journey? 
  • How to prioritize digitalization initiatives?
  • How to evaluate benefits out of it?
  • How to sustain these digital initiatives?

On top of these challenges, significant gaps between DX roadmap designing and DX project execution is resulting in overall poor performance, which is majorly caused due to lack of attention towards operational technology (OT) while designing DX and poor selection and implementation of solutions. 
OT is integral and most vital part of process industries, so too essential element of successful digital transformation. OT needs to be considered equally along with IT for holistic and fruitful DX. DX providers with consulting competences, OT domain knowledge and IT capabilities are best positioned to deliver successful DX.
Yokogawa offers structured approach “Discover-Design-Develop” to tackle these issues in DX journey.

One-stop DX Partner

Yokogawa offers smart manufacturing and provides one-stop consultation, solutions implementation, and services to customers though out their DX journey by leveraging OT domain knowledge, rich consulting experience and IT capabilities using “Discover-Design-Develop” approach. 
Under “Discover-Design-Develop” approach, Yokogawa discovers digital opportunities, assesses digital maturity level, and aligns vision of company in discover phase. Design phase includes preparation of detail DX business plan based on outcome of discover phase which is ready for implementation. Digital solutions are developed and implemented at develop phase ensuring sustainability of delivered value.





Discover phase includes assessment of digital maturity level and alignment of vision. Yokogawa’s team of DX consultant and domain experts assess digital maturity level across company, prioritize digital initiatives, and analyze gaps in functional areas by extensive interaction with all stockholders of organization through workshops, interviews, and site surveys.  
Yokogawa utilizes Smart Industry Readiness Index framework to perform comprehensive assessment of customer’s entire company and prioritize digitalization activities across different areas. Yokogawa has certified Smart Industry Readiness Index assessors across globe, who can help customers to accelerate digital transformation efforts in right direction.
Smart Manufacturing assessment workshop is conducted at Discover phase, which includes Digital Maturity Assessment, Digital Priority Assessment and Functional Area Assessment. Smart Industry Readiness Index framework is used for robust and holistic Digital Maturity Assessment of organization. TIER framework of Smart Industry Readiness Index is used to perform Digital Priority Assessment. Digital Priority Assessment is used to formulate effective strategy and blueprint. 
Based on the Digital Maturity Assessment results and Digital Priority Assessment results, Functional Area Assessment is conducted by domain experts to assess current performance and identify improvement areas. It focuses on high potential areas such as plant asset management, supply chain management, operation management, energy management and optimization, cybersecurity, etc.

Smart Manufacturing Assessment Workshop

1. Smart Industry Readiness Index Framework*1

Digital Maturity Assessment
*1 Image Source: International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)

2. TIER Framework*2

Digital Priority Assessment
*2 Images Source: International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)

3. Functional Area Assessment

Functional Area Assessment

4. Sample DX Blueprint

Sample DX Blueprint

Outcome of Discover phase includes recommendations and phase wise blueprint of digital transformation.  
First phase of DX blueprint includes recommendations focusing data integration and digitization of information which lays strong foundation for digital transformation journey. Next phases include implementation of digital solutions and quick win opportunities. Final phase includes implementation of digital solutions required to achieve business objectives and sustainable digital transformation.


Leveraging Yokogawa’s rich experience in providing process consultation and solutions, Yokogawa design detail DX roadmap in design phase. 
Digital maturity assessment result, priority assessment result and recommended improvement areas analyzed in discover phase are used to design detail DX architecture, Integration requirement and business plan.
Yokogawa’s team of experts conducts various workshops, interviews to comprehensively understand, human factors in business processes, gap between as-is and desired business processes, and enabling technologies. 
Detail DX roadmap includes preferred digital solutions, system architecture, solutions/ systems integration, application framework and specifications, governance framework, business cases. Such detail consideration of system architecture and solutions/ systems integration eliminates issues faced at implementation phase and ensures smooth and fast implementation of DX projects.


An outcome-based DX experience is established at develop phase based on detail design DX roadmap from design phase. Yokogawa’s rich experience in industry automation (IA), solutions implementation, solutions/ systems integration and project management ensure effective implementation and successful delivery of DX projects.
Change management, training programs and support services are also provided to sustain delivered value through DX. Under change management, work processes and procedures are reviewed and redefined based on changes occurred due to DX implementation. Necessary trainings are provided to upskill workforce for new digital technologies and solutions.
Yokogawa’s comprehensive capabilities will enable our customers to enjoy the benefits and value brought by DX in a sustainable manner.

Smart Industry Readiness Index Reference Documents

The Smart Industry Readiness Index created in partnership with global testing, inspection, and certification company and validated by an advisory panel of industry and academic experts, the Smart Industry Readiness Index comprises a suite of frameworks and tools. This document introduces three frameworks and tools: the Smart Industry Readiness Index Framework, the LEAD Framework, and the Assessment Matrix tool to help manufacturers start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys.

The Manufacturing Transformation Insights Report 2019 analyses data collected from the Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessments of 200 Singapore-based manufacturing facilities. They span 12 manufacturing industries, ranging from small, family-owned Singaporean enterprises to large, multinational corporations (MNCs) whose parent companies originate from 14 different countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Prioritization Matrix serves to guide manufacturers globally to identify the Industry 4.0 areas that will yield the greatest benefit to them.  This document contains details of TIER framework, prioritization matrix, industry, and an Illustrative Case Study.

*3 Document source: International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)
    These are published with permission from INCIT.

The Global Smart Industry Readiness Index Initiative: Manufacturing Transformation Insights Report 2022*4
Manufacturing transformation insights report 2022 draws on data from around 600 manufacturers across 30 countries. It includes Insights on the current state of industrial transformation across multiple manufacturing sectors, overview of the benefits of adopting and applying Smart Industry Readiness Index and Case studies.

*4 Document source: World Economic Forum (WEF)
    This is published with permission from WEF



Syngenta aimed to promote sustainable agriculture as a social responsibility through digital transformation. Syngenta selected Yokogawa to start the smart manufacturing transformation journey.


Yokogawa provided the Smart Industry Readiness Index (S.I.R.I.) consulting service to Taiwan's Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp.
S.I.R.I. helps identify the digital maturity level of the customer's plant for future transformation.

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