Yokogawa announcement to Windows XP users regarding Systems products

Yokogawa recommends that Yokogawa Products which run Windows XP operating systems (OS) should evaluate their system life cycle plans and risk mitigation strategies.

Increased Security Risk due to Windows XP End of Support

Microsoft officially announced End of Support (EOS) for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014.  Security updates, hotfixes and standard technical support will no longer be available after EOS.

Computers that continue running on Windows XP will face increasing vulnerability to cybersecurity threats such as malware and viruses. Some Windows XP systems used for critical infrastructures and plant operations may be driven by compliance requirements and could face safety, reliability and compliance issues. Most antivirus software companies will discontinue support, or will only continue support for an additional 12 months. At that time new AV signature updates will not be issued.

Windows XP Compliant Hardware

It will become increasingly difficult to purchase Windows XP compatible computers from computer manufacturers and the cost of maintaining older Windows XP compatible computers will increase.

Many vendors will not provide updated drivers or support for their products running on Windows XP platforms.  Existing Windows XP users may face problems configuring new peripherals and their associated drivers or installing new application software.

Yokogawa Strategy for Windows XP Users

Yokogawa has a solid foundation of providing a smooth transition between versions of not only Yokogawa software but also upgrades to the OS on which Yokogawa software runs. Yokogawa strongly recommends that existing systems running Windows XP be upgraded to the latest Yokogawa supported OS of Windows 7 64-bit and Windows Server 2008.

Easy upgrade

Yokogawa provides a secure and easy path for upgrading Windows XP-based systems.
Upgrading to the latest OS is seamless and can be done without disrupting plant operations
because HMI can be upgraded on-line.

Risk Mitigation

For systems that cannot be upgraded in a short period of time, Yokogawa offers risk mitigation by implementing security measures to help customers better protect their plants for secure and safe operations to achieve continuous production.
Yokogawa offers the implementation of security measures to mitigate the risks in order to help customers better protect their plants for secure and safe operations so that continuous production can be maintained.

Service and Support:

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