Operator Trending Module (Exaquantum/OTM)

The Problem
Distributed Control System (DCS) Operators need to access long term data to quickly identify any repeating data patterns in their current data sets. These repeating data patterns may also require the ability to easily create and display system wide and user defined process trend groups with the associated alarm and events.

The Solution
Exaquantum’s Operator Trending Module (OTM) allows DCS operators and Exaquantum/Explorer users to select and display group-based trends. The current and long term data from the Exaquantum Historian powers these trends and alarm and event displays. OTM is designed to provide DCS operators with a DCS ‘look and feel’ user interface.


  • Predefined trends allow users to quickly identify patterns in the data
  • By relating alarms & events to trend areas of interest, users are able to obtain a complete picture of problems
  • Yokogawa HISs (Human Interface Stations) can have an OTM toolbar menu and OTM trends can be associated with HIS graphics

Key Features

  • Editor screen to create system wide and user specific trend groups
  • Integrated display of trends with alarms and event data screen
  • Thumbnail trends screen with quick switching between trend groups
  • Intelligent switching between raw and aggregated data provides fast response times
  • Trends can be displayed on large wall screens
  • Ability to export trend data to the clipboard for further analysis
  • Trend group’s hierarchy tree
  • Create grouped trends quickly by using the drag and drop feature of the Exaquantum Data Selector

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