Report Manager (Exaquantum/RM)

The Problem

Plant personnel often require detailed analysis of data collected by their Exaquantum Historian to identify problems, reduce plant maintenance, improve production, etc.

The Solution

Exaquantum/RM (Report Manager) provides authorized users with the ability to create scheduled Microsoft Excel reports using Exaquantum Historian data. Reports can be emailed to one or more people, printed and/or stored.

Key Features

  • Flexible, easy to use interface
  • The full power of Microsoft Excel enhanced with the Report Manager Excel add-in
  • A report can be linked to multiple schedules
  • Unattended report creation into a defined folder
  • Automated printing of reports
  • Automated emailing of reports
  • Report templates can be grouped within folders to provide flexible management
  • Each report can be formatted as an Excel spreadsheet(s), PDF document and/or XPS document

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