Cybersecurity Managed Services

Why Managed Services are needed and more demanded now

In fact, due to the high-speed digital transformation processes across all industries bringing potential business benefits, upgraded managed solutions like 24/7 secured monitoring, analysis of network activities, secured remote access solve the fundamental challenge of keeping the critical infrastructure safe and sound while preventing against known and unknown cyber threats. Moreover, one of the main triggers, the outbreak of COVID-19, pushes much more forward-looking into workforce upskill capabilities combined with advanced technology to achieve the highest business continuity plan.

Yokogawa’s cybersecurity managed services

Complying with cybersecurity requirements such as the capability to overview security performance and compliance matrix not only plays a key role in secure functioning across the organization but also reduces the critical cybersecurity burden on plant engineers. To cope with all these industrial growth and changes, it is not a choice. It becomes a must to have a full grasp of what is happening in every part of a plant’s operations timely and correctly, to get notified immediately at the first sign of any irregular activity, and to make a wise decision and take a corrective response.

Yokogawa’s cybersecurity managed services equip our customers with tools, people, and processes that enable operation teams to detect and respond to irregularities at first view. We develop an exactly configured incident response plan and train its execution. To reduce the heavy burden on plant operators, with our managed secured remote services, we are vigilant and ready to intervene – 24/7. From single-site level to multi-site level, the enterprise-wide cybersecurity management is designed through our Secured Managed Services, adopting virtual network constructed for each system, which effectively protects your plants from cyber intrusion. 

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Customer benefits of implementing cybersecurity managed services

The organization who invest in implementing cybersecurity managed services could realize the following key benefits:

  • Fully-integrated and secure system architecture provided in managed services greatly increases high-level visibility and controllability while sitting in the control room.
  • Easy accessibility to a full grasp of security performance and compliance matrix dashboard is the added value in reducing workload at a periodical cybersecurity audit.
  • Plant operators and management can wisely minimize the risks of unplanned downtime and production losses. Hence, it helps to reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR). 
  • Even in the undesirable event of security breach, well-planned incident response managed team could limit the further negative consequences in timely manner.
  • Expert threat intelligence and analysis can help identify any potential upcoming threats and prevent effectively in advance by taking thorough approach and steps.

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Endpoint Security

Yokogawa’s Endpoint Security Services will provide secured and controlled access to critical, actionable data at any time and from anywhere.

Emergency Recovery

Yokogawa professionals will provide immediate and accurate solutions, contributing to the minimisation of mean time to recovery (MTTR).

Asset Inventory and Monitoring

Provides remote monitoring and management for preventive and predictive maintenance, improving the overall asset effectiveness throughout the plant lifecycle.

Remote Operation and Engineering

Enables remote operation and engineering by plant engineers from a remote, centralised control room, leading to efficient plant operation, ultimately saving time and cost.

Remote Security Update

Automates and standardises the delivery and management of vendor-approved Windows operating system patches and antivirus signature updates.

Help Desk for Incident Response

The worldwide network of Yokogawa Response Centre and Security Help Desk provides 24/7/365 support, contributing to the reduction of downtime.

Compliance and Threat Monitoring

Through continuous monitoring and analysis of activities across networks, HMIs, servers, endpoints and applications, an organisation can detect and respond to threats more effectively, increase their resilience by learning about the changing threat landscape and derive business intelligence about user behaviour.

The security status of your asset becomes more and more relevant for management and your stakeholders. Our Maintenance Support System is specially designed for security compliance and reliability monitoring. We monitor your asset 24/7 and collect all the data, logs and events and provide relevant accurate and timely information about security compliance and the reliability of your asset. Both information is crucial to determine your risks in the OT domain.

Due to the level of investment and resources required, not every organisation can afford to develop and maintain 24x7 managed services. To overcome this challenge, Yokogawa helps by providing an outsourced service for monitoring all your assets. Alternatively, we can assist your team with threat analysis following an agreed incident schedule.


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