Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy
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This policy sets out what is expected of users of the Yokogawa Group’s official social media accounts.

Basic Policy

In their use of social media, all employees of the Yokogawa Group shall comply with all local laws as well as the Group’s internal regulations. All Group employees shall strive to be good corporate citizens and show respect for others, both locally and globally.

Understanding the Nature of Social Media

Users of social media shall bear in mind that information posted on the Internet is widely accessible, that information cannot be retracted once it has been posted, and that an individual's postings reflect on the company. They must therefore act responsibly and remain constantly mindful of the impact that their behavior can have on other’s opinions of the company.

To All Users of Social Media

  1. Not all posts by employees to an official Yokogawa Group social media account may be taken as an official Yokogawa announcement or as a pronouncement of Yokogawa’s official position on a particular topic. Such official announcements and pronouncements will be made through the company’s website and company news releases.
  2. The way the official social media accounts are managed, e.g. responsiveness, and update hours and means, can vary from account to account.
  3. If any comment, post, or activity on an official Yokogawa Group social media account is deemed inappropriate for such reasons that it infringes on the rights of a third party or interferes with the management and operation of the account, the comment may be hidden or deleted and other measures such as the blocking of the user's account may be taken at Yokogawa’s discretion.
  4. Yokogawa reserves the right to use posted comments for our future business purposes, including marketing and data analysis.
  5. The official social media accounts are subject to change, or suspension or termination of partial or entire service at any time without prior notice.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Yokogawa's use of social media, please Contact Us.

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