OpreX Managed Service

Why Managed Service? 

oprex managed services

Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Service will help in creating the most boring but reliable plant. This service enables monitoring the status of underlying applications and systems, managing all risks in a single window, and turning data into proactive action with our managed services. With the true integration of People, Processes, and Technology, enterprises will be able to focus on the core business, maximizing production.

What is OpreX Managed Service?

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Running a plant on maximum and sustainable performance is a challenge for many companies. In many cases of a shutdown or slowdown, the information that the plant performance is at risk was already available but unfortunately not used. One of the major common factors is that somewhere there is a disconnection between People, Processes, and Technology.

OpreX Managed Service – What makes Yokogawa unique?


What benefits customers will get from OpreX Managed Service? 

  • Maintenance and Development Services designed to deliver optimized operations over the entire Plant lifecycle while working side by side with customers.
  • Plant-wide Maintenance Managed Service asset management platform for delivering real-time clarity and insight on Asset Performance, reliability and security areas through a "single window"
  • Effectivity, Efficiency, and Insight from actions from People, Process, and Technology of Yokogawa.

oprex managed service


Yokogawa's approach

With Yokogawa's 4Ds approach and important steps, we can help you effectively improve your operations and cut costs by designing a boring plant. This is a capability that Yokogawa build through years of experience and created with the latest technologies available. 

yokogawa 4d approachs

How It Works: Integration

Analysis tools turn data into valuable information using maintenance dashboards and development services. They are designed to optimize operations using proactive maintenance techniques through a digital service platform that brings together people, process, and technology. Fully integrated dashboards identify which processes are not compliant or trending in the correct direction, and simultaneously show which maintenance actions should be performed. The ultimate objective is to eliminate 100 percent of the risk, but there will invariably be trade-offs calling for a balance between maximizing production and effective maintenance. The system’s analytical tools help optimize these choices.

The benefits of a comprehensive program to digitalize asset and maintenance management are easy to visualize, but for most companies, implementing something on this scale using internal resources alone simply is not possible. For those who want to build toward these types of operations, managed services can fill the gap.

Premium approach

Architecture and Technology

About Architecture
OpreX Managed Service is provided based on the advanced digitalization Managed Service Suite (MSS) platform technologies, consisting of two components, center component, and site component. The MSS center component is designed to be interconnected with multiple sites and connected directly or via VPN, depending on the situation.

About dashboard
The dashboard allows checking the health of a wide range of assets at a glance, including control systems (OT), information systems (IT), networks, and security, allowing to accurately grasp the status of the customer’s plant even from remote locations. Customer can create their own dashboard, providing a UX that meets their needs.

24/7 monitoring available by NOC (Network Operation Center). In preparation for increasingly sophisticated security threats, it will be detected promptly in the unlikely event of an incident, and prompt response will be made toward early convergence of the situation.

By the introduction of the ITSM (IT Service Management) ticketing system and the monitoring by the Network Operation Center, Yokogawa can quickly notice when the incident occurs. It is also possible to contact the customer from Yokogawa side quickly and start troubleshooting, having an extra pair of eyes on the status of the customer’s plant.


System Scope

managed service service scope

Types of services

There are two types of business we design & deliver:

  1. OpreX Managed Service -Premium edition- provides a dedicated managed service tailored specifically to the customer's needs. This covers Yokogawa assets and the 3rd party assets interface to be developed on a project basis. This service is provided under an On-premise center server or dedicated center cloud environment.
  2. OpreX Managed Service -Cloud edition- provides standardized managed service primarily to cover Yokogawa system assets, Yokogawa field assets, Yokogawa Environment diagnostic assets, compute assets & security service. This service is provided under Yokogawa's shared cloud for multiple customers.

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OpreX Managed Service has a service network created to prioritise your peace of mind at every touchpoint. Both proactively and reactively monitoring the safety of the plant, so you can focus on the things that matter,while having peace of mind.


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