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What value does AI bring?

Easy AI for achievement-backed industrial automation

Yokogawa has already accumulated know-how by solving the problems of more than 50 factories and plants using AI.

Yokogawa developed its AI based on the achievements, experience, and knowledge it has cultivated for years, and now we are incorporating AI into the popular SMARTDAC+ Series Paperless Recorder GX/GP, Data Logger GM and Data Logging Software GA10.

Additionally, our new e-RT3 Plus series F3RP70 CPU module features industrial-strength environmental worthiness and support for the Python generic programming language, making AI industrial use and development easier than ever.

These three products aim to make AI easy to use for predicting equipment malfunction, product quality, and other factors to help solve our customer’s problems.

AI Produxt Solution Book Download
All the achievements we have solved and the merits of introducing AI products

 → AI Product Solution Book download​​


Three ways that AI can offer value in plants.

We’ve been working on solving a variety of customer issues. Of the issues that couldn’t be solved with conventional analysis methods, we were able to solve 50 by applying AI. We learned that in plants AI can offer value in the following three ways.

Abnormal Sign Detection

Predicts various equipment failures and plant shutdowns. Enables you to perform maintenance before an abnormality occurs, take countermeasures in advance, and improve your uptime.

Root Cause Analysis

Ascertains the causes of previous problems, and identify the cause of reduced quality and changes in consumed power. By identifying the areas of focus when improving and implementing quality measures, you can improve product quality.

Quality Estimation

Assigns quality indexes, predicts quality before testing, and predicts changes in quality. Get a handle on quality without destructive testing and other processes that take time to test, and reduce costs.

The value brought by AI


Results from YOKOGAWA AI solutions

These are some of the analysis results from AI solutions that YOKOGAWA has offered.
We have been solving customers’ issues in many industries including oil refineries and chemical plants using our AI.

Abnormal Sign Detection
-Quickly detects Anomality in equipment-

A shaft breakage occurred in a reducer that monitored trends with a wireless vibration sensor (Sushi Sensor). The graph below shows acceleration, speed, and surface temperature data, and the results of AI analysis based on those data. The moving average of health index calculated by AI moved from the normal to abnormal range three weeks before a failure. You can see that it captured the “Anomality” that were signs of abnormality earlier than the sensor data trend changes. By combining the Sushi Sensor with the AI, undesired state can be notified based on the equipment's vibration and surface temperature data, which enables you to predictively detect equipment abnormality and to take prior actions for equipment maintenance.

Results from YOKOGAWA AI solutions (Excerpt)

  Industry Category Overview
Abnormal Sign Detection
Chemical pH Sensor Predict deterioration of sensors installed in a waste water pipeline
Oil Furnace Predict operating conditions of a furnace by using process data
Power Pump Predict cavitation in pipes by using pressure-related data
Root Cause Analysis
Oil Compressor Identify the causes of reduced efficiency of cooling compressors in area A of a plant by using process data
Hot spring Hot spring control Identify the causes of changes in hot water distribution by using operating data
Paper & Pulp Beater Identify the relationship between a beating machine’s power and product quality
Quality Estimation
Electronic parts Electronic parts manufacturing equipment Identify damaged parts in an assembly process by using sensor data
Chemical Industrial material continuous production equipment Predict indicators between quality measurement indicators by using 18 types of data
Oil Product quality values Estimate product quality values by using production data

Food & drug

Medical product manufacturing equipment Predict the quality of completed product by using 10 types of manufacturing data

The above is only a small part.
See the AI Product Solution Book for other achievements.

AI Product Solution Book download

Ai Product Solution Book Download


Utilizing our analysis experience and technology, we can offer a lineup of easy-to-use AI products.

Plant control with AI
In addition, we have prepared a video of an example of optimal plant control using AI reinforcement learning.
  → Please refer to Plant control by AI

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection/ Future Pen
Paperless Recorders and Data Logger


What is the GX/GP/GM Series?

The GX/GP/GM series can be used to acquire, display, and record data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow, and pressure in various industry production and development sites.

The GX/GP series is a panel mount or portable paperless recorder that provides intuitive touch panel operation plus a highly flexible modular.
The GM series is a versatile and scalable data logger. Because you can add or remove modules even after installation, it of fers excellent maintainability.

Want to build an AI predictive detection system in the field

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection  New!

You can easily build equipment/quality predictive detection systems. By quantifying deterioration of  equipment, you can optimize parts replacement and maintenance period, improve downtime by predicting abnormal conditions in equipment, and automate work by quantifying product quality.

Equipment/Quality Predictive Monitoring

  • Quantifies the degr ee of deterior ation in equipment and quality, and monitors trends
  • Notifies you of abnormal signs on site
  • Optimizing costs by performing predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection


Please refer to the application notes for the proven effects and use cases of predictive detection.
 Vulcanizer application  /  Sterilizer application   /   Heat treatment application

* Certain restrictions apply with Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection. See the general specifications for details.

GX/GP AI Functions

Future pen

Using acquired data to predict future data, draw predicted future waveforms along with real-time data on the trend monitor. The future waveforms allow you to identify and deal with likely problems.

Future Pen

Future alarm

You can set future alarms against future measured data from the future pen. Future alarm information is shown in a future alarm summary. When a future alarm is generated, external output or email give prior notice.

Future Alarm

Future Pen Demonstration for Predictive Detection

Examples of building recorder-centric AI solutions

Easily add AI to a recorder (GX/GP future pen, future alarm)

Process signals such as temperature and voltage can be displayed from past to present, and future waveforms by AI function. (GX/GP)

Easily add AI to a recorder

Accurate AI analysis in real time on a PC and displaying determination results on site. (GX/GP + GA10)

GX/GP collects the process signal and displays the measured values.
Send real-time data to PC, the AI analysis function of the software GA10 displays the result of AI judgment such as uncomfortable feeling detection on the GX/GP on the site side. 

Accurate AI analysis in real time on a PC and displaying determination results on site
Ask us about the highly accurate AI consultant service.

Analyze on an embedded device with accurate AI and display determination results (GX/GP + e-RT3 Plus)

GX/GP collects the process signal and displays the measured values.
Collects process signals with GX/GP, displays measured values, transmits data in real time to the Python-compatible AI platform e-RT3 Plus, and deploys the judgment results by the AI algorithm developed by the customer on the GX/GP screen can do.

Analyze on an embedded device with accurate AI and display determination results on site
Ask us about the highly accurate AI consultant service.

Please refer to the details of SMARTDAC+ SMARTDAC+ GX/GP Series Paperless Recorders
 > Panel mount type GX10/GX20   > Data Logger GM10

AI on a stand-alone computer detects predictive abnormality sign of equipment
with Anomaly Detection,
AI analysis data logging software GA10 + Sushi Sensor

In recent years the need for maintenance is growing as equipment ages. Equipment conditions are mainly ascertained by human workers through inspections such as operator rounds inspection. However, we face the problems of declining birthrates leading to labor shortages, and the retirement of skilled workers leading to skill shortages. Also, the measured results obtained through an operator rounds inspections are not quantified, and often cannot be utilized effectively. We urgently need to create more efficient equipment maintenance mechanisms.

Automatically detects the “anomalies” that are signs of abnormalities

GA10 + Sushi Sensor are equipment predictive maintenance solution that is just like an AI operator, detecting the "anomalies" that are signs of abnormality, and automatically notifying the user.

You can dispatch worker to equipment that needs maintenance at just the right time, this reduces equipment inspection man-hours, lets you quickly discover abnormal signs, and prevents unanticipated equipment shutdowns. You realize more efficient equipment maintenance and increased plant availability.

Using AI to monitor for anomaly sign
*Sushi sensor: Up to 1000 units can be registered. (Gate Sushi function; option)

Predict the future with AI New

Use acquired data to predict future data, and display predicted future waveforms along with real time data on the trend screen. You can also set alarms against predicted data to detect problems in advance when they occur in the future so you can deal with them beforehand.

Predict the future with AI

GA10 Data Logging Software - AI notifies you of anomalies

What is GA10?

GA10 is PC-based data logging software that connects various devices installed in factories and premises (such as Sushi Sensor, recorders, and data loggers) through an Ethernet network, and performs monitoring and recording.

ga10> more information

What is Sushi Sensor?

The Sushi Sensor* is a wireless solution for IIoT that includes sensors for detecting equipment conditions. It supports low power, wide-area LoRaWAN communication standard for wireless network.

Sushi Sensor & eRT3> more information

*Sushi Sensor is to be released to other countries in order. For details, please click “more information”

Realize predictive maintenance and avoid future crises with the usual operability

Realizing predictive maintenance with trend monitoring

  • Monitoring of large amounts of data
  • Digitizing on-site know-how

Efficient equipment maintenance

  • Digitize equipment health conditions and monitor trends
  • Reduce the cost of operator rounds inspections
  • Share and transfer field operator's knowledge and experience of equipment maintenance
  • Prevent sudden unexpected equipment failures

Quickly capture the signs of equipment abnormalities

  • Capture signs, even with equipment for which it is difficult to apply threshold-based abnormality determination
  • Based on a variety of data, determine signs of equipment abnormalities

Easily detect signs of equipment abnormalities with simple settings

  • Simple system: Sushi Sensor, LoRaWAN gateway, and GA10
  • Just specify a data period of normal conditions, and start automated analysis
  • Notifies you when anomalies are detected

With a wealth of I/O for high scalability
and fan-less high environmental worthiness Supports Python
Industrial AI Platform e-RT3 Plus

AI Platform e-RT3Supports Python, which is indispensable for development of machine learning and other branches of AI, and you can add many AI open source libraries to quickly ramp up your AI development. Strong environmental worthiness, and ideal for industrial AI platforms that leverage the unique strengths of the e-RT3, with its easy access to I/O.

> Please refer to the details of e-RT3 Plus

I/O modules for easy access

With a wide selection of I/O modules, you can easily incorporate your applications into the data acquisition and control level. The CPU and I/O modules are both from Yokogawa, making them easy to connect. And in the rare case of hardware trouble, isolation is simpler than ever.

Ubuntu supported

Comes with the more free and open Linux Ubuntu, and is compatible with most open source software. You can also more easily use software such as network file sharing software and PC-less SCADA.

Multi-CPU supported

Place the e-RT3 Plus CPU next to your existing sequence CPU, and divide their roles: a high speed ladder for control, and the e-RT3 Plus for communication and AI determination.

e-RT3 Plus

Open knowledge platform

Technical information and how to set up OSS can be found on open platform such as Github, and Qiita which help you development faster than ever before.

Environmental worthiness

Holds up in hot, harsh environments. The e-RT3 has a fan-less design, modules that can withstand temperatures from 0°C to 55°C, and installs in factories, plants, or inside a box outdoors.

Cloud Service

e-RT3 Plus is certified by both Microsoft Azure Edge and Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass.
By connecting an e-RT3 Plus developed application to one of the certified clouds, secure communications can be established and a new cloud based solution can be created at the customer’s production site.

Cloud Service

High-Accurate AI using Python for industrial application in harsh environment

Reduce development time

Your existing AI applications stay as-is, with many fewer tedious I/O settings.

Reduce development time


Environmental worthiness

The device used for development goes right into the harsh environment. Runs in environments where single-board computers couldn’t until now.

Environmental worthiness

The dream of an AI that can control your plant is becoming a reality.
-Plant control with AI and reinforcement learning-

Yokogawa has developed the technology to use AI to directly control equipment through reinforcement learning. 
Reinforcement learning is one type of machine learning in which AI learns from its own trial and error. The key feature of Yokogawa’s reinforcement learning technology making it so practical is that it can learn with a small number of trials. 

Issue with a complex process

  • Indicated values are destabilized due to disturbances, resulting in loss of raw materials. 
  • Skilled workers have difficulty passing on control adjustment technology, requiring time and labor.
  • Destabilization of process and decrease in quality due to unfamiliar control methods.

Features of Yokogawa Electric’s reinforcement learning

  • The AI teaches itself, and doesn’t require large amounts of teaching data.
  • Learns with a small number of trials.
  • Optimized with reinforcement learning technology specialized for the control field.

Application example:
AI control test equipment by a Three Tank Level Control System

Real-world sites often require complex control mechanisms. 
Here we show a experimental example of that, in which we apply reinforcement learning technology to control a Three Tank Level Control System. 
*Soundless video

Three Tank Level Control System > Zoom

3 tanks level control


In under 4 hours of learning, it found the ideal control method to eliminate the overshoots that occurred previously. 




GA10 is PC-based data logging software for monitoring and recording data by connecting to devices distributed in a factory. Now with an AI-based Anomaly Detection function, the AI notifies you of anomalies before equipment abnormalities occur.


The e-RT3 Plus is an industrial AI platform, and supports programming in Python. Many AI libraries are pre-installed.  The e-RT3 Plus is robust and reliable enough for data utilization in the factory and even in critical infrastructure.


Introduction video of Yokogawa's new simple solutions: AI Product Solutions.  Based on Yokogawa's experience and
knowledge of industrial automation,  Yokogawa has launched easy to use AI Products for manufacturing sites and product development.


AI development is not that difficult! This tutorial video shows you how to develop AI application on e-RT3 F3RP70 by running AI sample program available on Partner Portal.


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