DPI Operation Evaluation Tool

DATA analysis software "DPI operation evaluation tool" that can be easily used on the spot to solve the problem of variations in product quality. By unifying and visualizing raw materials, equipment and process Trend DATA and product quality DATA, it is possible to analyze factors causing variations in product quality.

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Established unique problem-solving methods by analyzing cross-organization waigaya* and DPI
* Spontaneous brainstorming discussions in which everyone, regardless of position in the organization, speaks frankly and debates with others.


Release Information

DPI Operation Evaluation Tool and DPI Operation Evaluation System has been newly released! (R2.04)

DPI Operation Evaluation Tool and DPI Operation Evaluation System has been newly released! (R2.02.10)


Table of Contentss

  1. Challenges of DATA utilization in the Manufacturing Industry
  2. DATA analysis software for manufacturing "DPI Operation Evaluation Tool"
  3. Functional details of DPI Operation Evaluation Tool
  4. Accompanying service for introduction of DPI
  5. Customer Feedback
  6. Related Information


Challenges of DATA utilization in the Manufacturing Industry

Challenges of DATA utilization in the Manufacturing Industry


Reasons why DATA utilization has not been successful in quality stabilization

Mostly, the main cause of the issue of quality stabilization is involved in various factors of multiple related departments. In order to take countermeasures, it is necessary to be explored deeply into the causes. In order to delve into the causes, it is important to take an approach from both the site knowledge and DATA's perspective. In other words, we need to integrate manufacturing engineers and DATA analysis.
One of the reasons why the quality stabilization has not achieved satisfactory results in is that the lack cooperation of site knowledge among multiple related departments and the poor fusion of data data scientists and general-purpose analysis tools with manufacturing sites.


Suggestions from YOKOGAWA

To solve these problems, YOKOGAWA proposes specialized analysis tools for manufacturing and practical DATA analysis education for manufacturing sites. For quality issues at manufacturing sites, we can expect that we will be able to approach "satisfactory result" that were previously difficult, by combining the knowledge and experience of manufacturing engineers, hands-on DATA analysis education, and specialized analysis tools for manufacturing.
On this page, we introduce the specialized analysis tool for manufacturing "DPI Operation Evaluation Tool".


DATA analysis software for manufacturing "DPI Operation Evaluation Tool"

Q & A
Engineers in the site
  • Concern about the origin of the raw materials
  • Be careful of slight fluctuations in flow rate!
  • Somehow it is easier to drive in summer
  • The balance between the two temperatures is important
  • It is better to loosen the pressure
  • etc...
 New knowledge
  • Sort operations according to the origin of raw materials
  • Quantify and manage flow rate variations
  • Sort driving by season
  • Features are created and managed from the temperatures of two points
  • The slope of pressure is indexed and managed
  • etc...

What can we do with the specialized analysis tool for manufacturing "DPI Operation Evaluation Tool"?
The answer is "to be able to generate new knowledge from site knowledge". For example, let's say a veteran engineer has the knowledge that " The pressure should be increased gradually.". However, it is difficult to transfer technology continuously in such words. Therefore, this finding should be quantitatively expressed using the DPI Operation Evaluation Tool. Specifically, quantify the rising slope of the pressure and search the relationship with the quality value. If it becomes clear how the slope of the pressure rise affects the quality value, engineers in the site will be able to share the knowledge. Since the index was created based on engineers in the site knowledge, it is easy to obtain a sense of satisfaction from the engineers in the site and can be smoothly used as a new management point.

The DPI Operation Evaluation Tool is a tool to make progress the tacit knowledge such as personal know-how, undocumented knacks and experienced intuition into formalized knowledge that can be shared and used by everyone in the site using the DATA analysis, and speedy turn the improvement cycle in the site.


Functional details of DPI Operation Evaluation Tool

DPI function 4points


You can see the effect of the 4Ms condition on the quality value!

At the manufacturing site, 4Ms* DATA often exists in multiple departments and is managed separately. But for efficient DATA analysis, you need to look at those DATA together, not individually. DPI allows to simply link 4Ms DATA and Quality DATA together.
*4Ms… Material,Machine,huMan,Method


You can know how Trend's move affects quality!

Manufacturing sites have a large amount of Trend DATA. There are many people who want to link and analyze quality data, 4Ms data, and Trend Data. but it takes time and effort to do so. DPI allows the analysis of variations by such various manufacturing data and correlating each.
In here, the fluctuation of operating appears in the waveform of Trend DATA. However, even if we want to compare and analyze waveform variations, it is not easy to quantify waveform characteristics from Trend DATA. With DPI, you can easily and effortlessly extract waveform feature values from Trend DATA.


The difference between 4Ms ⇔ quality ⇔ Trend relationship for each operation condition is visible!

At the manufacturing site, it is not possible to compare all lots in the same way. It’s because there are various changes and events such as brand change, production volume change, and equipment cleaning. DPI displays histograms, scatter charts, and control charts for all Parameter at once. It's also quick and easy to visualize all the operating conditions.


With the help of machine learning, you can cover all the differences in DATA!

At the manufacturing site, multiple Parameter relationships often affect quality, but humans typically can see graphs of up to 3 or 4 dimensions. However, even if you leave everything to AI and machine learning, you'll get answers that don't consider about workplace-specific operating conditions and constraints. DPI uses machine learning based on site knowledge to advise on Parameter that humans overlook. In addition, you can create 4Ms management metrics for PQCDS*.
*PQCDS… Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery,Safety in Manufacturing:


Accompanying service for introduction of DPI

Introductory Education Workshop - Smooth On-site Introduction! First, let's get down to the basics of the DPI Operation Evaluation Tool! ― Hypothesis Verification Workshop - Let's DATA Analysis Using Site Knowledge! Learn the framework with WS! ―


Customer Feedback

  • This can be used even in busy places! It's nice because I wanted to start using DATA. (Responsible for Functional Chemistry and Quality Control)
  • I am analyzing with a certain software, but with DPI, the time can be reduced by more than 1/10. (Steel/Manufacturing)
  • The visualization using DPI solved problems that had not been solved for many years. (Responsible for Chemical and Quality Control)
  • Now that we have learned the procedure of analysis, we will be able to improve on our own next time. (Food/Manufacturing)
  • The knowledge of our predecessors has been quantified. The knowledge of several related departments was connected. (Chemical/Manufacturing)
  • It was great that I could work with other departments. It was also a good opportunity to learn the realities of the scene. (Responsible for Chemistry/R&D)


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