Future Co-creation Initiative

Yokogawa rolled out a cross-organizational virtual team directly under the president to adapt to the turbulent environment and an uncertain future. We are committed to advocating Yokogawa’s Purpose, building a co-creative network, creating value to deal with social issues, and developing the next generation of leaders.

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What is the Future Co-creation Initiative for?

To lead co-creation utilizing future scenarios developed by the next generation of leaders

To lead co-creation utilizing future scenarios developed by the next generation of leaders

Recently, we’ve entered an era of profound change in the external environment, with the future being extremely hard to predict. Aware of the urgent need to harness our future-oriented perspective, Yokogawa launched the Future Co-creation Initiative in April 2021. Under this initiative, Yokogawa fosters the development of human resources who can adapt to change, who have a broad vision, and who possess creative collaboration skills—all so that we can continue to lead and contribute to our clients worldwide as a long-term reliable partner. The project is built around scenario-planning activities, and it is dedicated to building a creative collaboration network with outside entities, creating new value to resolve social issues, and fostering the development of the next generation of leaders.

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  • Interview

    Our collaborators discuss the value and meaning of “Future Co-creation Initiative” from various perspectives.

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  • About us

    Introduction of our next-generation leadership development and a co-creation network beyond the scope of business.

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  • Our Passion

    Background and aspirations behind launching co-creative activities in an age without clear answers.

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  • Collaborator Networks

    Fostering “weak ties” among our supporters, partners and individual companies, while building an industry-government-academia network.

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