Enterprise Energy Management Services

Enterprise IoT to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

A cloud-based energy management service that manages the energy consumption of utilities and energy processes without the need for extensive and expensive equipment modifications.


Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise

Building operations currently account for almost 30% of global final energy use and more than a quarter of energy-related CO2 emissions. With building energy consumption and CO2 emissions showing every indication that they will continue to rise; many countries have assigned a high priority in their energy policies to the implementation of energy-efficiency strategies. However, many organizations are facing common challenges: 

  • Managing multiple decentralized energy solutions platforms can cause data fragmentation, making it difficult to collect or analyze data. 
  • Monitoring and modeling the industrial energy process for energy savings.
  • On-premise management is a challenge, especially in times of restricted travel.


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Enterprise-Wide Energy Management Software-as-a-Service

With the Enterprise Energy Management Services (EEMS), Yokogawa addresses the compelling needs to reduce energy costs and improve facility process performance. EEMS connects sensors, meters, controllers, building management systems, and other IoT devices to manage and reduce the energy consumption of utilities and energy processes. 

With the aggregation and analysis of all energy-related data, we help energy managers identify underperforming facilities and processes and monitor continuous performance improvement with AI analysis and real-time dashboarding anytime and anywhere. 


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Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce operational cost by optimizing power consumption and cooling in energy efficiency.

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Predictive Analytics 

Improve performance with predictive analytics in buildings and industries. 

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Optimal Visibility

Increase corporate visibility and collaboration with integrated energy infrastructure monitoring.

single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Connect any asset with any sensor to consolidate your energy management with a cloud-based centralized management dashboard for easy decision making for energy savings.

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Integrates with OpreX Asset Health Insights

Leverage Yokogawa portfolio for a state-of-the art Enterprise Energy Management application.

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Easy to Deploy

Rapid and non-disruptive deployment in both new and existing facilities and flexibility to scale up across sites and assets.


View Your Energy Consumption in a Cloud Dashboard 

The product of decades of deep domain experience, the EEMS dashboard leverages smart sensor data to monitor and optimize your energy consumption with a cloud-based centralized management dashboard from anywhere and anytime in a most secure way.

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Plant Energy Dashboard

The plant energy dashboard provides a holistic view to the energy usage for an individual or fleet of plants.

dashboard - building view

Building Energy Dashboard

The building energy dashboard provides a holistic view to the energy usage for an individual or fleet of building.


EEMS Modules | Smart Building & Office

The EEMS modules for Smart Building & Utilities extend the company's energy management capabilities from industrial facilities to the enterprise market, such as commercial and industrial buildings, data centers, and offices. Besides managing the energy consumption of utilities and energy processes, EEMS provides functionality for the management of lighting, air quality, and occupancy visualized with interactive 2D and 3D maps displayed on Dashboards, including customized reporting and notifications. 

Power Management

Energy Bill Analysis

Power Demand Analysis

Air Quality Management

Occupancy Management

Floor Level Energy Analysis


EEMS Modules | Smart Factory

Monitor and analyze the energy consumption of your plant assets, such as pumps, compressors, chillers, boilers, blowers, and agitators. Monitor your energy KPIs such as powere consumption, cost information, energy efficiency, forecasting, and equipment distribution in real-time. 

Plant Asset Energy Monitoring

plant asset energy monitoring

Chiller Water Management

chiller monitoring

Carbon Footprint Monitoring

carbon footprint monitoring

Pump Energy Management

pump monitoring

Bolier Energy Management

boiler energy monitoring

Compressor Energy Management

compressor energy monitoring


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EEMS is a complete, scalable, and dependable cloud-based service serving as an important step in your digital transformation journey. It is powered by Yokogawa Cloud and easily integrates with Yokogawa's asset performance monitoring solutions (OpreX Asset Health Insights) for a 360 view on your asset performance.allows for a quick and simple setup that is infrastructure agnostic.

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