Event Email Service (Exaquantum/EES)

The Problem

Plant personnel want to be informed quickly when a key process value arrives, an important calculation result is obtained or a specific alarm or event is received in Exaquantum.

The Solution

Yokogawa’s Email Event Service (Exaquantum/EES) extends Exaquantum functionality by providing the ability to send an email or text message when important process data arrives, due to an Exaquantum calculated tag result or the arrival of a specific alarm or event.



  • Notifications can be automatically provided when there are changes in a system for which key people need to be alerted quickly to assist with the decision making process
  • Emails and text messages provide a quickly accessible, efficient and low cost method of delivering notifications
  • Exaquantum’s use of the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) provides buffered messaging to ensure the delivery of notifications

Key Features

Emails can be sent based on:

  • An Exaquantum calculation result.
  • The receipt of a filtered alarm or event from Yokogawa or Non-Yokogawa systems.
  • The end of an Exaquantum aggregation period, such as hourly, daily, shift, etc.
  • Emails and text messages can be sent to one or more recipients via an SMTP email or SMS server.
  • Only important information is provided based on defined values or configurable filters ensuring everyone is kept informed.



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