Batch Data Historian (Exaquantum/Batch)

Exaquantum/Batch is an intelligent ISA-88 Batch Information System. It provides verified analysis and reporting facilities that collect, store and display current and historical data from batch production, equipment and recipe viewpoints.

This enables easy user access to batch information for decision support, production planning, production scheduling, analysis, process improvement, quality and legislative compliance purposes.

Yokogawa Releases Exaquantum/Batch R3.30 (September 2021)

  • Windows Server 2019 Standard, Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC, Office 2019 Volume License (32-bit/64-bit)

Product Overview

Exaquantum/Batch is a valuable tool in batch-orientated industries allowing users to focus on Key Process Performance Indicators. It provides a web browser based analysis and reporting user interface to deliver batch-based information in support of process improvement initiatives.

Exaquantum/Batch Functional Overview

Interface with OPC Enabled Control Systems
Many field proven interfaces are available for ISA-88 and non-ISA-88based control systems using OPC.

Production Improvement by Six Sigma Analysis
Analyses cycle time variance and quality as batch Key Performance Indicators to identify problems in the production processes, allowing improvements to be made.

Comprehensive Reporting Tool
The comprehensive Exaquantum/Batch reporting package provides Excel-based flexible reporting, which incorporates data from batches, equipment, master recipes and trend values along with the associated alarms.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11
CFR Part 11 option is also available to provide Electronic Record/ Electronic Signature functionality.


Key Features

The key features of Exaquantum/Batch are:

  • 'Out of the box' integration with Yokogawa's CENTUM VP and CENTUM CS 3000 for Batch control Batch control systems providing immediate usability and benefits based on the ISA-88 standard without complex engineering and database configuration
  • Standard analysis of data providing: Automatic calculation and charting of cycle times for each batch, Automatically generated charts showing unit utilisation, Comparison of batches to peer groups, Automatically calculated performance ratings for each batch, A powerful tool for sorting and comparing batch history data
  • A customisable web-based user interface providing: Batch, master recipe and equipment data accessible via BatchWeb Ad-hoc web access to data without custom display generation Secure data storage with minimal client administration Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant functionality through the use of electronic records and signatures


Business Benefits

  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Reduces material costs
  • Increased productivity and plant utilisation
  • Better information for improved decision making
  • Powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities leading to quicker batch approval
  • Supports Six Sigma programs

Operational Benefits

  • Strong batch reporting platform where batch, master recipe and equipment data for each batch is available for any report
  • Automatic data collection is used to minimise set up time and engineering with Yokogawa Batch control systems
  • Batch record-keeping, reporting, monitoring and data analysis for improving batch production
  • High performance and value
  • Industry standards compliance: Based upon S88 standards and OPC Batch specification
  • Support for use in applications subject to FDA 21 CFR Part 11


BatchWeb is a web-based user interface similar to a web portal. On-screen menu selections allow viewing and analysis of different sets of continuously updated batch, equipment and master recipe data from both Exaquantum/PIMS and Exaquantum/Batch databases using standard charts and tables. There are a number of related views, which may be selected:

  • Production View: A table of useful plant information covering the recent batches
  • Batch View: A list of batch records. Using filters, batch records may be displayed for any time period. Equipment View: A list of units available in the Exaquantum/Batch database Master Recipe View: A list of the master recipes archived in the Exaquantum/Batch database
  • Report View: A list of reports that may be run. A Report Archive view is also available that provides a list of the Exaquantum/Batch reports that have been generated.


Exaquantum/Web Chart in Run Time

Exaquantum /Batch Web Chart in Run Time

Exaquantum /Batch Web in Run Time


  • Highlyadvanced biopharmaceutical plant uses CENTUM, VP Batch, Exaquantum and PRM.
  • Total system integration for large-scale biotech production facility.
Media Publication

MANY DIFFERENT METRICS OR KEY PERFORMANCE indicators (KPIs) can be used to measure the effectiveness of batch production. These include: batch cycle times; actual results versus expectations; capacity utilization; batch exceptions; conformance to schedule; and attainment to standard.

Media Publication

The gold standard for worldwide batch processing control, ISA-88, has had widespread impact in the process sectors which use batch operations. Dave Emerson explains the standard and the advantages it can hold for engineers and operators. The lSA-88 batch control standard has had a profound and unifying impact on the batch processing industry.

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