High Content Analysis System Solution

Robustness and repeadability are strongly required at current drug discovery process. CellVoyager series are easily integrated with many robotics and workflow. The automation solution saves time and cost of your High Content Analysis process.

Why integrate CellVoyager into Automation

Robust and stable CellVoyager series match to automation process, which requires entire system stability. Not only robustness, precise stage control of CellVoyager series offers Live Cell HCA into your automation workflow.


Data Acquisition to Image Analysis

CellVoyager System


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CellVoyager CV8000 is the most advanced high-content screening system. The improved built-in incubator lets you analyze extended live cell responses. With its expandability, 4 cameras, 5 lasers and an optional built-in pipettor, the system permits increasingly complex assay development and high-content screening.


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The CellVoyager CQ1 provides the highest quality confocal images and extended live-cell imaging in a space-saving benchtop design.


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With powerful machine learning functions, our analysis software suite provides researchers with advanced insights into their HCA experiments such as label-free analysis.



Benefit of CellVoyager for Automated HCA

High throughput

Autoamtion system works 7 Days/week 24 hours/day service. It increase throughput of entire screening process, and decreases the running cost.

Research quality

Automated system reduces human error and offers stable research environment.

Live cell screening

Not only the ultra high througuput for fixed sample, CellVoyager live cell capability offeres new type of screening system which focus on live cell sample.

Simple screening to ultra HCA campaing

CellVoyager series matches to both small scale screening and large scale screening. Even the screening campaing is Image quality and high precision of live cell capability fits to primaly sceening, and robustness of the system fit for large screening campaing.

Benefit of Automated HCA


Typical Automated Systems

CQ1 with Stocker System

CQ1 + Stocker System

CQ1 with Incubator System

CQ1 + Incubator System
Incubator, Stacker, Barcode reader, Robot
Images from: Dr. Manuel Kaulich, University Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe University

CQ1 with Stocker System

CQ1 + Stacker System
Stacker, Robot hand


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In this application, the combination of the CQ1 with the stocker with Incubator and CellPathfinder enabled continuous and automatic long-term observation of the process of single cells forming colonies.



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