Renewable Grid Controls

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your power generating resources using existing networks. Yokogawa and PXiSE offer solutions to manage unlimited renewables and distributed energy resources.

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Customer Challenge

Distributed energy resources

The addition of distributed energy resources such as solar and wind are contributing to the transition to a decentralized and renewable energy resource mix. While these renewables are a welcome addition, their intermittent nature can threaten the reliability of the power grid—a grid which has been delivering dependable electric power to customers. 

An influx of many un-coordinated distributed energy resources is what has created the two most significant challenges to the grid: stability and efficient power delivery. 

If not mitigated properly, these problems will lead to a moratorium on the interconnection of additional solar and wind energy resources, limiting facilities in their ability to reach clean energy objectives. 

Solving stability and efficiency problems can help these entities adopt a renewable energy mix to reach the zero-carbon goals many organizations are committed to achieving in the near future. 

Our Solution

One platform, many solutions 

PXiSE’s software-based grid control platform maximizes the efficiency and production of renewable energy generation to deliver advanced control functionality and economic optimization in real-time. 

We enable facilities such as treatment plants, factories, and hospitals, to extend the life of their existing infrastructure while transitioning to renewable sources of power. We give grid operators the visibility and control they need to manage unlimited renewables and distributed energy resources while still providing safe and reliable power. 

All PXiSE products offer 
•    Patented, reliable automation 
•    Industry standard cybersecurity compliance 
•    Independent control of real and reactive power 
•    No limits on the amount of controllable DERs 
•    Easily configurable business rules to guide proprietary algorithms
•    Centralized optimization and control of renewable and traditional power sources

Grid control

Customer Benefit

PXiSE’s technology is fast, precise, scalable, and smart. 


PXiSE’s software is optimized to the speed of the grid, leveraging standard phasor measurement units (PMUs) which send data to the PXiSE controller up to 60 times per second. 


PXiSE commands inverters at high speed to precisely manage voltage and frequency. By directly controlling energy storage inverters, PXiSE has precise and independent control of real and reactive power. This empowers PXiSE’s tech to use batteries as a system shock absorber and optimize system economics.


PXiSE’s products are all built on the same platform, which means they’re designed to scale and truly shine when layered together for complex control architectures. Unlike traditional SCADA systems, add any number or type of DERs with little to no additional infrastructure requirements. 


Artificial intelligence is central to PXiSE products’ forecasting, control, optimization, and scheduler features. Our patented proprietary algorithms drive real-time decisions that optimize economics, keep power reliable, and free up operators to proactively plan for the future. 


Enabling Technology

PXiSE controller

PXiSE product 

Microgrid Controller DERMS

Renewable Power Plant Controller

  Controls for co-located distributed energy resources  Controls for a large network of distributed energy resources  Controls for large-scale transmission assets 
Use Manage and coordinate a localized group of DERs with real-time and holistic system optimization.  Reach high penetration of renewable energy assets, coordinating DERs both in-front-of and behind-the-meter alongside traditional grid components.  Maximize the efficiency and production of any combination of utility-scale renewable energy assets.
Users •    Utilities 
•    Retailers 
•    Communities 
•    Large campuses, (commercial, industrial, defense, government) 
•    Utilities   
•    Retailers  
•    Developers 
•    Developers  
•    Large asset owners  
•    Storage + PV / Wind 

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