Yokogawa Employee Receives the IEC 1906 Award

Tokyo, Japan - October 17, 2023

Kaoru Onodera, an employee of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, received the IEC 1906 Award from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on October 17th. The 1906 Award is given by the IEC to those who have made significant contributions to the IEC and its efforts to standardize electrical and electronic technology. A total of 219 people from 29 countries were selected in 2023, and this included 27 individuals from Japan.

An expert in process automation, Ms. Onodera is being recognized with this award for her active involvement in and contributions to numerous working groups under the IEC's TC 65 technical committee, which is in charge of preparing standards for industrial-process measurement, control and automation, and for being an excellent role model for younger people in this field. Of particular interest are her contributions to standardization projects related to smart manufacturing*1, including the development of the IEC 62832 series (Digital Factory framework*2), an international standard that accomplishes semantic interoperability*3.

Yokogawa will continue to be highly involved in international standardization with the goal of achieving smart manufacturing, enabling the linking of production sites, companies, and supply chains to drive total optimization.

*1 The improvement of performance in manufacturing through digital transformation (DX). Through its smart manufacturing initiative, which expands the scope of total optimization, and its IA2IA initiative, which facilitates the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy, Yokogawa is generating value by promoting integration, autonomy, and digitalization.

*2 A framework for representing an entire manufacturing system in a form that can be understood by a computer

*3 The ability of systems with different architectures (using different languages and protocols) to exchange information and then utilize it without compromising on meaning

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