Our Brand and Identity

The Yokogawa brand

The Yokogawa brand is based on the trust of our customers and other stakeholders that we have cultivated since our founding, and our desire to reciprocate that trust. The thinking behind the brand is reflected in Yokogawa's products, services, and solutions. Under this brand, we will continue to meet the needs of our shareholders and act to fulfill our responsibilities for the good of all people and society and the future of our planet.



This video by Rhizomatiks, a creative collective, is a visualization of Yokogawa's corporate brand slogan and the message behind it. Like a mass game, twenty-five wirelessly-controlled and self-propelling cubes move straight and rotate in sync to form the Yokogawa trademark. It is as if the cubes are moving autonomously with their own will. Their movements represent not only Yokogawa's power of measurement and control to understand the state of the things and connect valuable information but also our willingness to become the node of businesses and industries to enhance the value. Yokogawa will continue to create new value by connecting humanity and technology.
(Concept: Yokogawa, Production and Copyright: Rhizomatiks)


Corporate brand

Corporate brand (trademark)

The corporate symbol reflects our values and ideals, and is the emblem for all Yokogawa employees. Like a lodestar that points where one should go, this image represents our mission to society and raison d'etre as a company. Yellow like the Sun, its sharp straight lines call to mind the precision, accuracy, and sophistication of our products and solutions, and the soft curves are an indication of our kindness and warmth as a company. Balancing these different elements, our aim is to work toward and realize a sustainable society.

Corporate brand slogan

The “Co-innovating tomorrow” corporate brand slogan was established in 2015 to mark the 100th anniversary of our founding. “Co-innovating” conveys our determination to continually engage in the co-creation of value by working in long-term partnerships with our customers to develop solutions, and “tomorrow” expresses our resolve to move steadily into the future, one step at a time.
Under the “Co-innovating tomorrow” slogan, Yokogawa will work to optimize and streamline the flow of information and goods, and thereby solve problems for customers, society, and the Earth.

Corporate brand slogan
Key graphic element

Key graphic element

The Leading Square is Yokogawa's new key graphic element. Square in shape and colored "Yokogawa Yellow," it radiates light in all directions. The square signifies the sophistication, precision, and accuracy of our products, services, and solutions, and also represents the places where people gather together and connect to engage in co-innovation (the "Co" in our corporate brand slogan). The light radiating from this element symbolizes Yokogawa's power to innovate and lead the way in solving social issues that will point the way to a brighter future (the "innovating tomorrow" in our corporate brand slogan).


Yokogawa Group Identity

Yokogawa Group Identity


Founding Principles

Upon founding the company, Tamisuke Yokogawa encouraged Ichiro Yokogawa, the future president, and Shin Aoki, the future chief engineering officer, saying, “You don't need to worry about profits. Just learn and improve our technology. You must make products that earn us the respect of our customers.” These words have been passed down to us in our founding principles.

Founding Principles
The Yokogawa Philosophy

The Yokogawa Philosophy

Based on our founding principles, the Yokogawa Philosophy was formulated as a statement on Yokogawa's mission to humanity and the planet. It provides guidance on the values that Yokogawa's people should uphold and the actions they should take. When formulating the Yokogawa's Purpose statement, we chose the phrase sustainable society to emphasize that we are in the business of contributing to the good of our planet.

Yokogawa's Purpose

Yokogawa's Purpose is an expression of our commitment to meeting the requirements and expectations of customers, markets, and society, and makes clear the meaning that our existence as a company holds to society. It aims to unify and give our organization and people the strength and ambition to drive transformation.
Our ability to measure and connect is a core competence that we must never lose. We wish to make a difference for the better in society and set ourselves on the path to a future where humanity and planet Earth can live together in symbiotic harmony. This aspiration is expressed in the statement on our purpose.

Yokogawa's Purpose
Core values

Core values

In keeping with our corporate culture, our core values provide clear guidance on the actions we all should take. Actions rooted in these core values will create new value, drive forward our contributions to society, and put us on a strong competitive footing.

Vision statement

The Vision statement addresses where we wish to be as a company ten years from now, and the ideals that we should uphold, based on our long-term business framework. Yokogawa's vision for industry and society is to achieve a symbiosis in which everything functions autonomously, yet in an interconnected way. By realizing this vision and sustaining the creation of value, we will take the initiative in addressing social issues.

Vision statement

Chapter 1: Basic Policy

  1. Realizing corporate philosophy

    We act in accordance with our corporate philosophy of "As a company, our goal is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information. Individually, we aim to combine good citizenship with the courage to innovate."
  2. Compliance with laws and regulations and cooperation with society

    • We observe the laws and regulations of each country and region, respect social norms and international guidelines, and act with high ethical standards.
    • We respect the cultures and customs of each country and region.
  3. Respect for human rights

    • We support internationally recognized human rights standards and respect the dignity and human rights of all people.
    • We strive to ensure that our business activities do not infringe on human rights, and if we discover such situations, we will respond quickly.
  4. Fair business practices

    • We do not engage in any form of corruption, such as the payment of bribes or kickbacks, and conduct our business in a fair and sincere manner, maintaining sound relationships with all stakeholders.
    • We reject unjust and unlawful demands, and we do not engage in activities or organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society or foster criminal conduct.
  5. Contributing to society and the environment

    • We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities, including developing and providing safe, socially useful products and service solutions for our customers.
    • We understand that realizing a sustainable society is a common concern for all humankind and essential for the continued existence of the company, and act on our own initiative to address this challenge.
  6. Relationship of mutual trust with all our stakeholders

    We disclose information appropriately and fairly to all stakeholders, and build and foster trust-based relationships with them by maintaining a constructive dialogue.

Chapter 2: Standards of Conduct

  1. Relationship with customers

    • Providing safe, high-quality products and services
      By providing safe, high-quality products and service solutions, we aim to build long-term partnerships with our customers and grow together with them.
    • Accurately providing essential information
      We accurately and appropriately provide essential information to ensure the safe and satisfactory use of our products and services by our customers.
    • Customer entertainment and gifts
      We neither offer nor receive gifts or money to/from customers or sales partners that are in violation of sound business practices and deviate from societal and international norms.
  2. Relationship with shareholders

    • Timely and appropriate information disclosure
      We actively disclose necessary information to shareholders in a timely and appropriate manner and aim for highly transparent management that wins the trust of the market.
    • Prohibition on the provision of unjust benefits
      We provide no incentives whatsoever with regard to the exercise of shareholders' rights, and maintain a sound and transparent relationship with all shareholders.
  3. Relationship between the company and employees

    • Prohibition of forced and child labor
      We do not allow the use of forced or child labor in any workplace, wherever that may be around the world.
    • Eliminating discrimination and creating a comfortable working environment
      We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, country of origin, social origin, disability, or other circumstances. We also strive to improve the abilities of our employees, foster workstyles that respect individual differences, and provide a pleasant work environment that is healthy and safe.
    • Respect of workers' rights
      We observe labor laws and agreements and respect the rights of workers, including the freedom to participate in labor unions. We also strive through good communication to maintain and develop a relationship of trust between labor and management.
    • Prohibition of harassment
      We build a corporate culture that encourages employees to treat each other with respect and does not tolerate sexual, power, and other forms of harassment.
  4. Relationship with local communities and society

    • Environmental protection
      We work with our customers to protect the environment by reducing the environmental impact of our products and services. We also observe environmental laws and regulations and are guided in our actions by the need to protect the environment.
    • Contribution to local development
      As a good citizen, we build cooperative relationships with local communities, and through the provision of employment and other means, we contribute to the sustainable development of the countries and regions in which we operate.
  5. Relationship with suppliers

    • Prohibition of unfair transactions
      We engage in fair business transactions based on trust with our suppliers. We do not discriminate against suppliers or use advantages to impose unilateral conditions on them.
    • Entertainment or gifts from suppliers
      We refuse to accept offers of entertainment or gifts from suppliers.
  6. Relationship with competitors

    • Fair and free market competition
      We promote fair and free competition by complying with the laws and regulations concerning fair competition and fair trade stipulated in each country and region, and we do not participate in cartels and other anti-competitive arrangements or any type of unfair trade practice.
    • Respecting intellectual property rights
      Just as we protect our own intellectual property from infringement, we respect the intellectual property rights of others, and ensure that our intellectual property rights do not infringe on others.
  7. Relations with politics and government

    • Prohibition on provision of entertainment and gifts to public officials
      We maintain sound and transparent relationships with politicians and civil servants and never pay bribes or provide anything of value that could be construed as a bribe.
    • Regulation of political contributions
      We comply with laws and regulations concerning political contributions and do not make contributions that go beyond legally permissible limits.
  8. Compliance in international transactions

    • Security trade controls
      We comply with laws and regulations related to security trade control and cooperate in maintaining international peace and security. When exporting or providing goods or technology that may be used or diverted for weapons or the development of weapons, and when exporting or providing regulated goods or technology, we observe the relevant procedures and do not commit any act in violation thereof.
    • Proper tax payment
      We contribute to public finances by complying with tax laws around the world, providing products and services at an appropriate price and properly paying taxes to the tax authorities in each country.
  9. Proper use and management of Group assets

    • Proper use and preservation of Group property
      We make proper use of the Yokogawa Group's tangible and intangible assets in our business activities and do not divert them for personal or third-party use.
    • Thorough information security management
      We have the duty to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information held by the Yokogawa Group, including information belonging to any third party that has come into our possession through the course of our business activities. Confidentiality shall be maintained not only during employment but also after one has retired from a position with the Group. With the use and operation of information devices and other information systems, we comply with the company's security regulations and endeavor to prevent data theft and damage.
    • Prohibition on conflicts of interest
      We do not harm or endanger the company by acting in our own personal interests or the interests of a third party. We conduct all business activities in the best interests of the Yokogawa Group.
  10. Management responsibility

    The management takes the initiative in conducting sound business operations in accordance with this Code of Conduct. In the event of any violation of this Code of Conduct, the management will promptly take corrective and preventive measures, and strictly punish the offending individuals, regardless of their position within the company.